Sunday, May 31, 2009

Welcome to Bellview Mental Institution

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Teagan said:
She grinned at him. "Do you want me to be quiet so you can get some rest?"

Plans to bring her back

(Paris Forum)
Mystic Husky said:
Pitch panting heavaly looks to Ronan and back seeing what Ronan is talking about. He shakes his huge head and growls deeply. "I am so hating this place." He then looks at Ronan again and notices the changes. "Ouch I wonder if thats a mind trick aswell."He thinks to himself. He then notices the ones heading towards Jules,Nick and Tessy. He curls his claws testing the ground and nods to cassidy and ronan.

The Blood Brew Tavern XIII

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lucas said:
*looks at her* wow.... my wife was pregnant before we met but she had an abortion shortly before our wedding she said she didnt want a child that wasnt mine

Plans to bring her back

(Paris Forum)
Julianna Ripper said:
I say we move if attacked we fight but we need to get to Mystic one way or another

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Shinkuro's House (All may join)

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Lance said:
Lance took the drink. With a sip it reminded him so much of home. "That is great," He waited for his food. He hoped it would be good, but nothing could beat grandma's cooking.

Friday, May 29, 2009


(Transylvania Forum)
Julianna Ripper said:
*Laughs blushing deeper red then before. My eyes a blue sea of passion showing emotions usually hidden. I lock my eyes with yours.* We need to behave Lance this is a trek to do a burial not other things along the way. There is another time & another place for that. Maybe another trip to that cove under the waterfall sometime soon

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Welcome to Bellview Mental Institution

(Neighborhood Forum)
Airetha said:
"No you don't." *She told Tish. She let go of her arm and picked the tray of cookies up and moved them to a different place.* "You don't get any until we get ours." *She giggled and put the strawberry cupcakes into the oven and set the timer.*

Welcome to a different kind of living hell

(New York Forum)
Gavin Bryce said:
~Why I'm 26. Don't I look it.~ Gavin said with a grin. ~No I'm 150. So you're just a pup huh?~ he said with a chuckle. Back onto the high way he went and towards the office.

He wanted to know more about his change and what happened. If he remembered the man that had bitten him if he had gotten a name. These are all things she would want to know, what she had been looking for... She would want to talk to him herself, him being the same race as her and all... Him being the only other one like her... Him not being just another dumb Alpha male Werewolf...

Tell me what you know!

(Dungeon Forum)
Vickie Davenger said:
*She bows respectfully at Lilly, as she gently pushes the vial away.* "My thanks, but I will use nothing but that which I am endowed with to heal myself. No offense, it is just my way. I will turn to the earth for healing, no medicines or magics, just earth. And as for the pain? I pay it little heed. Physical pain is fleeting, therefore of no matter to me." *She smiled with the recent memory.* "I think that is why my tormentor was so frustrated with me, he could not elicit his desired response. " * Her look becomes more somber, she shakes her head slightly,. Looking to Lilly and Dragon.* "No... I am free of him and for that I am grateful. If ever we should meet outside of these cursed walls, ask of me any favor you will, and it will be done.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

To protect and help..

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Abigail Moore said:
*She listened silently, His voice seeming much louder then it really was, due to the fact that her head as against His chest. The woman's voice on the other hand seemed much more distant.*

<i> -Will we find a home, an actually building to live in? </i> *She spoke louder in her thoughts, knowing He would be able to hear her* <i> Master? She mentioned a Coven before hand; please consider her wisdom please. It would make Your girl happy if You took Your girls one little piece of an idea Master. Please, for Your girl?- </i>

*She tilted her head to the other side as she looked up into His eyes. Abbey watched Him closely waiting for His eyes to give away any sign that He had heard her.*

<i> -..its not that Your girl believes that You are wrong in anyway, Your girl just wishes to have a place to actually live and serve You properly Master.- </i>

Iceland - The First Chapter

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Annalisse Xaphan said:
I do not like the lack of what you wear in front of her

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rayne's House pt. II

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Shinkuro Uchiha said:
*laughs slightly* Sorry Aunt Morga. So.... where are Fang and Rayne? I thought they'd be back by now

Killing spree.

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Shinkuro Uchiha said:
*laughs a little* You're crazy, you know that? *sticks his tongue out and eats some more sours, sipping on his Mountain dew* And its ok. No, as far as I know, I'm an only child

Monday, May 25, 2009

~*~ Myst's Black Rose Dance Club LXXVI ~*~ (Current)

(The Black Rose Forum)
Will said:
*<i>he looks at the bartender*<br><br>I will get a Sprite in a glass of ice and a shot of tequila poured into the Sprite....

Iceland - The First Chapter

(Neighborhood Forum)
Annalisse Xaphan said:
*Throws on jeans & a shirt getting out of the dress following you knowing where you are even though I know nothing of this area knowing damn well either Chimera or I will die. I had seen the look in your eyes enough to know that this it is most-likely the truth. Not looking in your eyes when I reach you resigning myself to the fact that either I or Chimera will die. I push the thought away as I reach you wrapping my arms around you determined to be the one left standing in the end. Hoping to find a way to make Chimera concede to me. I say one thing* If she thinks I want her demons that is not it I only want one & that is Xaphan maybe there is a way we can co-exist together. I know I will never like her nor her me but there has to be some way.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Iceland - The First Chapter

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Annalisse Xaphan said:
*Crawls over the bed curling up with you my head on your chest* What is it you are thinking Luc?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

a day in the eyes of chaos (please mail to join)

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Rafim Mescalero said:
i laugh "no not yet, ive been busy getting used to my new diet" i look down embarressed

Then Fight! A Shinigami Returns

(Realm Forum)
Alexi Scott said:
Alexi wandered along, playing with a flicker of fire in his hands as he did so.

After a minute or two, he arrived to see Rimael falling out of his chair, and a werewolf walking away from the scene. "Alright, I'm here" he said with a shrug, "We ready to start up again?"

Take my hand and I'll show you one hell of a time

(Neighborhood Forum)
Scarlett Bane said:
Scarlett turns and smiles a bit to him,"nothing dear, I handled it."

Monday, May 18, 2009

A place of her own

(Neighborhood Forum)
Blue Orchid said:
~she laughs and shakes her head~ You are something else, you know that?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Who said fox hunts were only for aristocrats.

(London Forum)
Firus Bradley said:
Firus itched to make a couple of snide little comments regarding her last statement....but refrained.

Instead, he simply walked directly into the building, flashing his badge and uttering a few low-toned words to the guards. Turning, he then walked back over to Sam

'I've told them that this is a criminal investigation, and it's vital to the case that we gain access to the records, blah blah know, the typical criminal TV series yack. These wannabe cops will eat it all up like chocolate ice cream, wanting any form of excitement in their lives that might come towards them. Look at them...acting all professional and proud suddenly...'

He grinned. The guards, who had previously been slouching against the walls next to the entry doors, were suddenly standing upright, arms at their side, gum spat out onto the sidewalk and then blamed on a passing suit, who received a brief reprimanding before walking away with a completely nonplussed look on his face. One of the guards then walked over to the two and nodded.

'The room is ready whenever you wish, Mr. Bradley. And you as well, ma'am.'

Tipping his security guard hat towards the 'ma'am', he then continued.

'Do you need an escort?'

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mortisha's Manor ((all are welcome))

(Neighborhood Forum)
Mortisha said:
(I'm coming.) Tish went outside to see what Air was talking about. When she was on the porch Tish almost fell over.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Training Begins!!!

(Los Angeles Forum)
Dutchess Ocean said:
*coughing more and slightly dizzy* "No I think I will pass thank you very much." *sees the crow and looking into its eyes*

Killing Spree!(For those who want to kill only.)

(Neighborhood Forum)
Mortisha said:
Sivara crashed through the window and smirked at the sight of Adriel squeezing the queen's throat to the point of suffocation. (Yeah I'm ready, but how are we going to put this on television?)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Waterfront Home Along The Canal Du Midi

(Paris Forum)
Melina Riley said:
*looking at Ra's wings, I shake my head, his wing span very impressive to me* Ra, Steph is going to check me to confirm.......what you and I discussed last night. She's got a gift for this sorta thing *smiling at Steph softly*

Monday, May 11, 2009

Daniel & Dutchess' Sydney House

(Sydney Forum)
Daniel Ocean said:
*he falls down n gets back up* I see your not as weak as I inteneded. Lets try lightening *he says and aims to her shoulder, making a bolt come down now, making her push back a ways*

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rayne's House (All Are Welcome)

(Neighborhood Forum)
Will said:
*<i>he thought to himself</i> I should just let them be alone <i>he then disappears in a beam of light</i>*

Dante's Appartment

(Los Angeles Forum)
Nasrith Neross said:
Nasrith rolls his eyes.

<i>Wonder what's coming next…</i>

He shuts the door behind him, leaving the two of them in privacy.

Friday, May 8, 2009

justicano new york hideaway

(New York Forum)
lustjusticano said:
waking in the morning and returning to the new house to start another day of repairs he is hoping that his wife will be jopining him at some point to help him with the painting and such so that they may have a little bit of fun with each other while remodeling their new home

Carnivale's Cottage

(Port-au-Prince Forum)
-Agustus- said:
*He looked into her eyes his look growing concerned.* I did not know she had been getting sick. So do you think it is like a link or something?

New Friends. New Fights.

(Neighborhood Forum)
Mercadies Skii said:
"How did we get here....the Transport...ruins?...mommy..." She looked down at her hands and the dirtiness of them from this previous adventure. Her thoughts were going from remembering being in the front yard with her mother as a child, to sitting next to a horse watching a fire far away...and the years of her mother's tears.

She felt something tickling her cheek and when she reached up to scratch it, it was wet. She hadn't realized she'd started crying but as she did, her palms went up to her eyes and rubbed till there were no more tears. This action caused her to snap back to the current and she looked up at Valen's face. Her brown eyes met his eyes, tears and everything, and all she could muster was an apology for landing them here. She looked down at the ground and got angry at herself for allowing this to happen. She didn't want to be here. She'd tried hard enough to bury the memories even, but to be drawn back to the very place her family fell was too much.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Then Fight! A Shinigami Returns

(Realm Forum)
Atsutane Ryoji said:
"Ok that's one for the field, What say you Milady?"

spoke Atsutane as he gestured to the young vampress which stood near, He noticed her beautiful night colored wings upon her back, her lifeless skin quietly mingling with the radiant wings upon her.

My love....

(New York Forum)
Simi said:
*Simi walked up to the small crowd. The word she heard was a "paddle". Raising a brow and shaking her head*
<i>Myst baby, you should know I like them whips and chains. Those paddles are to weak for us!</i>
*She winks at Lavender Myst and giggles*

Sheriff Hutton Castle (Home to Henry Fitzroy)

(London Forum)
Bree Willard said:
*Bree looked at Henry, as a small grin began to spread in her face.*

"Hyper. I did not think of it that way, but that actually covers it well I think. There were no visitors while you were gone, so no being kind and polite."

*She shifted the weight from one foot to the other, as Bree kepts her eyes locked at Henry, trying to memorizing as much as she could, about him in this state.*

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Through the Portal(Please ask before joining)

(Neighborhood Forum)
Unifyer said:
"When we get back from hell, I'll gladly take you to the compound to show you some of my favorite toys." Unifyer says with a smile as he hears several hell hounds screaming in pain.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Britney's House # 2

(Jerusalem Forum)
Britney Jewels said:
Henry: -Speaks to Ciaran,- "DON'T. IT's not a good idea. They bite, then you get infected. That's why we don't want any of you going down there."

Nag Nag Nag......Niggity Nag Nag!

(London Forum)
Livia Vlcek said:
"I think I can manage...thank you."

The sudden upward motion only led to dizziness for Livia, Firus showing her that he was very much as strong as he looked. As the door of the hummer opened, Livia sighed with relief that she could sit again and they would then be on their way, the trip back to the hotel a short one. She climbed into the cab of the hummer, her vision worsening by the minute and reclined the seat back. Darkness tried to wash over her, forcing her to widen her eyes as she fought for consciousness and to see.

"So...did you see anyone near my food or drink Firus?"

Her voice was weak as she spoke, softened by drowsiness, her eyes fighting her to close. She wanted so much to sleep but knew he had done this. He was trying to leave her behind in a strange area she had never heard of. He was trying to ditch her and she wasn't having it. As long as she could make it to the hotel, to her room, things would be ok. She had a plan, she just needed to remain awake for as long as she could. As thoughts ran rampant through her head, how she was going to make it to her room once they arrived, her eyes began to close. Resistance was futile. She decided to rest, pretend she was asleep and hope to God she didn't fall asleep.

<i>Just a few more minutes...</i>

Monday, May 4, 2009

McConnell Manor (at Whenby, Yorkshire)

(London Forum)
DominicMcConnell said:
*appearing back at Whenby, with Gabriel in my arms.* "Hush now Piglet. You will be changed quick enough and yes a bottle and breakfast right away."

Sheriff Hutton Castle (Home to Henry Fitzroy)

(London Forum)
DominicMcConnell said:
"Well I thought you might like a visitor. I attempted to leave quietly and this little guy. He is insistant that he come with me ." *looking at you and grinning.* "My son Gabriel Ronan, one of my many children. Rhiannon and ChuChanlin are asleep at Whenby. The rest of mine will join us shortly. I wanted you to meet one of them and the rest later. My family is your family, Henry.."

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hunting for Emotion

(New York Forum)
Samantha said:
*Sammie looked at her and unlocked the hand cuffs.*

"Alright, but if you try anything. I will get upset."

*She made sure to look her in the face so that there was no misunderstanding of what she meant. Then she got up and walked over to the closet and pulled out two pairs of pajamas. She held out one of them to Vie.*

"Here why don't you get comfy too?"

Friday, May 1, 2009

Sheriff Hutton Castle (Home to Henry Fitzroy)

(London Forum)
Henry Fitzroy said:
*his growl turns in to laughter* "you might need a few stitches and a good doctor by the end of this dear Bree. You are still underestimating not only myself but yourself as well. Come on lets see what your powers can do now. As I told you before you can not hurt me."

The New Kravenoff Estate (Friends and Family Welcome)

(Los Angeles Forum)
Rorix said:
Sighing heavily he took the note and watched as she jumped out the window