Saturday, October 15, 2011

Corrupt a Wish Foundation

(Dungeon Forum)
Sienna Stevenson said:
Ellen in my bedroom? Hell yeah.</p>
Granted! It&#39;s made of lit dynamite! Hey, that&#39;s gotta blow... *Zing!*</p>
I wish Justin Bieber&#39;s would be attacked by a thousand fluffy zombie kittens and become some humanoid cat zombie creature.</p>

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Unique codes

(Mortal Thoughts Forum)
Blythe said:

Q Sweat PP.

That's just sick..

The Innocent

(Dungeon Forum)
Archer said:
Being escorted to his cell, Archer was looking around and spotted Jenna and waved. &quot;Hey Jen! Came to bust you out but...&quot; He trailed off, nodding at the guards. &quot;I was kinda...yea...caught.&quot; He said, walking into the cell across from hers, waving happiy. &quot;Next time!&quot; He said hopefully.</p>