Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sava's hunt

(Neighborhood Forum)
Sava said:
so many emotions running through my body i fall to my knees and starts to sob gently, clawing at the earth

Respawnings or zombies.

(Game Ideas Forum)
Terravine Crysmouth said:
It affects the plot because the admins started the plot for a reason... not just so there could be zombies in the realm.

Allowing those who bend the rules to their purposes to reincarnate themselves, even in zombie form, is still going to allow them to continue to bend or break the rules as they see fit.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Haunted by the Past

(London Forum)
Candice said:
Candy returned Danielle's smile, it was infectious.

"Sure dude lets go do somethin'"

She nibbled on her bottom lip. First, before she went and did anything, she had better go drink down them bags of blood. No reason to put Danielle in danger just because she didn't want to admit to that she was a vampire.

"Let me do somethin' first.", she laughed uncomfortable and walked out of the bed room into the kitchen.

She glanced at the wolves wrestling by the front door, both looking up as she entered the room. Candy just shook her head and walked over to the counter grabbing the IV bags.

She searched through the cabinets until she found a large, non-clear glass and poured the liquid into it. Popped into the microwave and hit on.

"So where do ya want to go or do?", she called from the kitchen as her belly screamed for the blood.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Roleplay: Streets of Moscow

(Moscow Forum)
Rachel Writer said:
Having seen the attack, Rachel was dismayed to see that the stealer was of a younger youth. Of course, that didn't permit the man to pull a knife; but, that's just how things worked here. You steal, you pay the price. You just have to decide if what you are stealing, is worth that <i>price</i>.

Rachel had been there before - the whole stealing route. Though, she had done it in the acts of a young girl, a girl that was hungry and alone - definitely naive when committing her acts.

But that was the past. And now, as she stood there, at the end of the alley, she shifted when the figure began an approach. Rachel ducked around the corner of the entrance, leaning against the wall and crossing her arms, trying to appear nonchalant.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

~*~ Myst's Black Rose Dance Club LXXV ~*~ (Current)

(The Black Rose Forum)
Starlla Russo said:
She looks down at the Pink Pixie stick on the top of the bar and raises a brow for a moment. Contemplating weather to pick it up and down it or let it be, Star decides that she's had enough of that tonight and lets it go for now. She was quite content with what was in her mouth at the moment. Her mind was still reeling from earlier and she needed the drink and her <i>'candy'</i> to regain some of herself again.

"I'll tell you what Kav... Same challange to you as you gave me earlier. See if you can figure out what it is. I'll let you know how close you are. Anything goes. I will tell you this much. I've been carrying these around since I came to this world and got turned. I used to drop them in my bottles of Zima and drink the Zima and now I just pop them directly in my mouth. ."

Friday, March 27, 2009

It's not my time...

(New York Forum)
Lacey Damalli said:
Jumping slightly she poked him back with the look of mischief on her face. A devilish smile curled on her lips, "Nope no plan, were gonna wing it" Lacey jumped up in his arms and laughed, "Lets go angel, Im ready for some trouble.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Furia-Blaque Estate

(Port-au-Prince Forum)
Xirena Furia said:
Laughing, she adjusts the phone against her ear and looks over at the fire thats burning brightly in the fireplace. Picturing the whole family being sick and Agustus surviving aside from the rest, she cringes at the poor man who has to suffer through it.

"That poor man, has he gone totally insane yet? Is he running back and forth with kleenex and such to make sure nothing goes beyond his control?" She grins into the phone, laughing but thankful that she hasn't felt the virus that her poor sister has to suffer through.

Daniel & Dutchess' Sydney House

(Sydney Forum)
Dutchess Ocean said:
*shakes her head* "No...Its just he found some old letters from my dad..Danny..oh god i cant believe it"

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sometimes words just ain't enough

(Game Ideas Forum)
Flint DoUrden said:
I actually like this idea to. I have the same problem as MR E. Or we could expand the list even father to just include every single feeling in the world, but I suspect that just putting the space to write it in would be much easier. Oh, you don't want to see me beg, I like to get naked and offer money when I beg

Daniel & Dutchess' Sydney House

(Sydney Forum)
Daniel Ocean said:
"I got stuff on my mind for now...nothing bad though"

Chateau De La Meuze

(Paris Forum)
Melina said:
*smiling brightly, I reach up and kiss you lightly* I can't wait to marry you, love........you make my eternal life completely

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Garden of Zen

(Neighborhood Forum)
Alecia Beth Moore said:
Ale let his arm go as she skipped ahead to the wooden bridge and stopped in the middle and leaned over it looking down into the water. She reached in her pocket and pulled out a little bottle. Unscrewing the cap she tipped the bottle and let its contents pour into her waiting hand. She sprinkled it over the water and smiled, looking back at Will. "Well come on hurry"

The Lake

(Neighborhood Forum)
Vega Knightblade said:
I am not going anywhere Lee. I love you. I will do my best to protect you.

*He held her close in his arms.*

Donnallan Derry Estate II

(London Forum)
Maeve Donnallan said:
*Maeve looks to her father with a questioning look.* "Are you ready to go back in or do you need more time?"

*Maeve's father shakes her head.*

Arne: "You need time with Ronan lass. You go ahead. I will be back in, in a bit."

*Arne watches, as Maeve reluctantly turns and walks back to the house. Once assured, she's safely inside, he turns and looks to the sky. Despite the stars, the sky looks as dark as ever.*

The New Kravenoff Estate (Friends and Family Welcome)

Los Angeles Forum (Alaska)
*grabs him and looks him dead in teh eyes* "What did you do."

Dxcrusher bar welcome all

Neighborhood Forum (Vina Eden)
*walks in with her eyes red and glossy from crying so hard and so much and walks up to the bar* I'll have the strongest drink you got... Thanks


Forum: New York
Subject: A New Home for a New Unlife
Posted By: Ceangal (at 10:21)
As he steps in he throws back a couple rather large braids behind his shoulder, weighted with shaped glass and metal, and extends the hand out, greeting Krypto with a firm handshake. His eyes, remained in the man's since he spotted him and smirks softly, reading the expression of surprise, rather than thoughts. "Aye ya, we pop out of the woodwork here, Krypto." He giggles cause that's what he calls his goodsh*t. "I am Ceangal an tEarrach droai..." The hard consonants mixing into fluid syllables, it was all Gaelic, and he released the man hand, warming the room with his smile. ".. but Cean is fine, it is a pleasure to met you... I hope you won't curse me for taking away your monopoly of the beautiful women tonight?"