Monday, August 31, 2009

Coffee Shoppe!!! ((ALL WELCOME))

(Neighborhood Forum)
Zexien said:
...I'd rather not think about that...*he shivers*Brings back bad memories...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Killing spree. V

(Neighborhood Forum)
Airetha said:
"What? Shin could have be cheating on you?"

The Starlight Mall!!! (Open to All!)

(Neighborhood Forum)
Lucy said:
"Hey! Well, you know how it goes. Its a small world after all. And I needed a new sundress."

Saturday, August 29, 2009

~Lia's Condo~

(Los Angeles Forum)
Arcelia said:
*She laughs and rolls her eyes at him, knowing what he said to be a lie.* You were <i>not</i> drunk! There was absolutely no alcohol in your blood whatsoever. I know that for a fact. And I didn't ask you for a thing that night. <i>You</i> kissed <i>me</i>, remember? Twice!

The Project

(Neighborhood Forum)
Blue Orchid said:
'She is coming with us, The Order calls for it. Step aside or we will kill you.' the tall man spoke again.

<b>They don't understand.. They don't know how wrong this is...</b> **she mutters as she shakes her head. she couldn't figure out how The Order would allow for such a union between slayers and vampires. if she could remember one thing she could remember bits and pieces about The Order.**

'How wrong it is? Katria.. Much as changed since you've been here. Father has decreed it so. The vampires work for us on a mutual decision between them and Father.' the tall man shakes his head. 'They work for us, as long as we no longer kill their kind.'

<b>But we are SLAYERS, we're destined to remove them from this Earth. Does that mean <i>nothing</i> to you people anymore?!</b>

'No... It doesn't. Times change Katria. And now that you are sided with them, we must kill you.' the tall man raises a gun and takes aim.

**she stood there confused and betrayed. she couldn't figure out what was going on, and while the man leveled his gun she simply stood there, unmoving.**

A Game of Truth or Dare

(Neighborhood Forum)
Jacob said:
*i laugh* you wanna feel their real *i laugh*


(Mortal Thoughts Forum)
Edward Brollachan said:

I found him, at the platypire rescue shelter.


meeting in the park

(Tokyo Forum)
Lance said:
"How do you do, my fine young miss," Lance said with a smile in his sister's direction.


(Mortal Thoughts Forum)
Steve Austin said:
Hey I resent that smelly remark. Us Lycans don't smell <u>that</u> bad....*smells under arms and makes a face*....well not All of the Lycans...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Wedding Without The Groom

(Neighborhood Forum)
-Zeo- said:
Zeo grins "well, when's it gonna start?"

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Auni's Home

(Neighborhood Forum)
-Zeo- said:
"Aunika!" he shakes her gently "please wake up"

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Watchers

(Neighborhood Forum)
Maddox de Lioncourt said:
Laughing at my son, Good point my son, come and have a drink with me, becking ning him on.

Mail Icon -- Done

(Game Ideas Forum)
Alexi Scott said:
Awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome!!!

Really really handy... Hopefully this'll help avoid the guilt from forgetting that I never DID send out that response (and then wondering why they're ignoring me >_>)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Auni's Home

(Neighborhood Forum)
Aunika Shade said:
she shivered a little bit from being cold and put my hands on my stomach.

Auni's Home

(Neighborhood Forum)
-Zeo- said:
Zeo gently takes your hand in his "it'll be alright Auni"

Thursday, August 20, 2009

~*~ Myst's Black Rose Dance Club LXXVII ~*~ (Current)

(The Black Rose Forum)
Bretta Mox said:
^ When her waiter did show up , she looked up at him and smile , Well I will have a shot of teqellia and a margarita on the rocks please.

She handed him a twenty , here that should cover and be sure to keep four of that for yourself. The waiter smiled and left and promptly returned with her drinks and her change.

When he placed her drinks on the table she thanked him and he left.

^ She licked her lips and downed the shot, after the shot she took her margarita and sipped it as she glanced aroun the night club.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Emyn Arnen (Donnallan Elven lands)

(London Forum)
Ronan Donnallan said:
*Ronan laughs* "I got them cass. I used to do the same thing." *Ronan orbs afre the girls to see what they are up too.*

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lilly and Dragon's home just outside of Tokyo

(Tokyo Forum)
Lilly_Shade said:
*nodding I take a deep breath, pushing as hard as I can. Thankful that they are healthy. gripping the bed I growl* ooooohh god

Saturday, August 8, 2009

What's the hottest food you can eat?!

(Mortal Thoughts Forum)
Ahriman said:
i probally could if i ever had any. but i eat hot stuff with out an drink or other food.

Friday, August 7, 2009

^i^ Angels the call to arms has been sounded ! ^i^

(Angel Forum)
Daisy Paxan said:
*she looks at Michael* And you called Averie dramatic! Put the gun awau it's SCAWY! *runs away and hides behind a rock*

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Police Station

(Neighborhood Forum)
Sarah Lynn Moon said:
* Every time Sarah tried to think of her past, all she got was a blank wall.*

" This is so frustrating."

Wondering the woods.

(Neighborhood Forum)
Sarah Lynn Moon said:
" You wont leave me. That is what I mean."

The Shadow Singer Karaoke Lounge--Owned by Kranoth|&|Nattie

(Neighborhood Forum)
Amaris Phelan said:
Shaking my head at a pouting Fang. Giggling when Nattie would scold him.

"Fang, there's a big bone and some meat scrap for you to snack. Come on buddy and a big bowl of water too!"

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

St.Claire Plantation, New Orleans

(Neighborhood Forum)
MarcusStClaire said:
"Ok time for you to go lay down and a bucket is needed to"

Young Blood, New Blood.

(Vampire Forum)
Izukaria said:
*He looked to Rimael for approval, expecting a rude or snide remark at their plan*

Killing Spree IV

(Neighborhood Forum)
Airetha said:
*She looks at the cloud.* "Oh my gosh! It does!" *She looks at some more clouds.* "And that one is an ice cream cone!"

Getting out

(Dungeon Forum)
Hell Wolf said:
*then hell wolf got captered and carried to the guard house* Open the doors the guards cried out.*thinks:this is my time to run*