Thursday, April 30, 2009

Walk with me

(Los Angeles Forum)
Rimael said:
"true, catch me if you can."

*laughs and runs across the runway and up into the cargohold*

The New Kravenoff Estate (Friends and Family Welcome)

(Los Angeles Forum)
Scarlett Bane said:
Scarlett rolls her eyes. If she ever listened to anything anyone told her the world might just stop turning. Besides, this was her family. Her nephew whom she has loved since he was born, her brother...sister in law. Well, least it would seem so for a past life lost.

She walked over to where they where and Stood between Rorix, Knight and Helena. Her eyes where soft as she looked to her nephew. "I know how you feel about your father. He's done some unspeakable things, but you doing this solves nothing. You causing others pain won't bring your mother back and it makes you no better then your father."

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sheriff Hutton Castle (Home to Henry Fitzroy)

(London Forum)
Henry Fitzroy said:
*looks over at her and shakes his head* "You should fall off a roof more often then. Though I cant say I will always be around to see you don't hit the ground again. Im not exactally a morning person as you can see. The sun and me haven't been real close friends in centuries. *laughs* You falling off that roof just caugh me by a chance. I had just finished getting something to eat so to say. *smiles* Nothing lasts for ever you know not even a vampire."

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

~Black Heart Mansion~

(Paris Forum)
Osiris E said:
*He grabbed her and pushed her back against the dresser and smiled teasingly. He would take what was his.*

You know, love...I claim what is mine whenever I want to.

Ocean Mansion In Paris

(Paris Forum)
Daniel Ocean said:
*Hours later he returns and slips into bed with Lady Ocean and holds her softly, kissing her cheek, then stares at the wall*

Monday, April 27, 2009

Then Fight! A Shinigami Returns

(Realm Forum)
Atsutane Ryoji said:
His eye's glanced down to the ground, He let out a slow sigh, then spoke quietly, a sad tone in his voice

"I was assigned to a investigation squad a year ago to hunt down a hollow named Zetsubo, It was a three man squad."

Nag Nag Nag......Niggity Nag Nag!

(London Forum)
Firus Bradley said:
Firus settled back into the leather clad seat as he began to, finally, relax, flicking an eye lazily to the GPS screen every now and again to make sure he didn't lose his way. He ignored her question regarding tea. If she didn't get the hint from his comment directed at Earl Grey....she wouldn't get the hint at all.

He did wish he could take his hummer everywhere. Hell, if he could run over the wolves it'd be a lot easier. But given how they kept turning into their mortal selves once they got knocked out or killed, it would be pretty damn difficult to explain to local authorities, who didn't have a clue about these things existence. If only his world was as black and white as his little passenger's seemed to be.

'I don't know who this 'We' is that you keep talking about sweetcheeks. I'm dropping you off at one of the local hotels, and I'm going to go hunting on my onesy. I don't need extra baggage while hunting. As you can well see back there, I have more than enough as it is.'

Flicking his gaze from the GPS screen to the mirror, he frowned.

'And flick that cigarette out of the window, unless you want both of us to die an extremely painful death.'

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Welcome to Bellview Mental Institution

(Neighborhood Forum)
Mortisha said:
She heard both voices from across the hall, from her room. Opening her door, she went to the girl speaking franticly. She unlocked the door and opened it for her. She caught sight of her friend. "Hey Air." She looked at the girl. "Hello. I'm Mortisha."

My Home

(Neighborhood Forum)
Airetha said:
*She sighed and shook her head smiling.* "Its basically a type of spoiled milk. Is that better?"

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sava's Country home

(London Forum)
Gregori said:
*Falls to my knees. Feeling your every tear as a knive stab into my heart. Changes into a wolf and walks away. Feeling guilty about the pain I'm causing.*

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

McConnell Manor (at Whenby, Yorkshire)

(London Forum)
DominicMcConnell said:
*walking with you to the twin's room. "Mystic, with your good heart and love, this home and st Avon will bloom again. Would you help me rebuild st. Avon? It needs a woman's hand.."

*Hoping that the hand and love of MysticRose-McConnell will help me restore my home and lands again and help me make it come alive once again. Memories long hidden away are re-emerging and I see in Rose, a woman like my mother Rhiannon..*

Monday, April 20, 2009

Conversations and Rhythms (please mail before joining)

(Neighborhood Forum)
Zemeckis said:
"Fine, Fine." The Angel rolled his eyes, but smiled as he looked directly to her. He got off his chair, and dropped to one knee. He took one of her hands into his ((So small, but petite little things)), and he dropped all pretense, a look of seriousness on his face.

"Lovely Adira, your eyes hold me in a trance. I am moved by your words, deep within my being. I ask, as a gentleman can only ask a flower such as you, would you please come to an Opera with me? I promise you will have a good time, and you will not regret it." His smile spread across his face, and his piercing blue eyes looked into hers. This was quite the joke.


(Transylvania Forum)
Nickolas Knight said:
*He steps back and sighs* Ok Julie *He turns and leaves fadeing into the shadows.*

~*~ Myst's Black Rose Dance Club LXXV ~*~ (Current)

(The Black Rose Forum)
Sava said:
Yes that is the truth *looking into thin air smiling happily, thinking of him*

Thursday, April 16, 2009

~Black Heart Mansion~

(Paris Forum)
Raven_E said:
*She smiled at him and her eyes sparked with challenge*

"Oh and how can we do that love?"

*She leans over not able to resist and kisses his lips lightly.*

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Journey; The Realm

(Neighborhood Forum)
Syflka said:
~she walks along side him~


(Transylvania Forum)
ShadowLord said:
*taking a defensive stance staring them down*

The Shamrock Pub V

(Neighborhood Forum)
DominicMcConnell said:
"Plenty of time to see to do the things need doing."

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


(Help Forum)
Harry G Wells said:
Sounds like it's someone with a problem. You did nothing wrong, just ignore them.

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Arnauld Manor

(Neighborhood Forum)
Mingshu said:
"Mommy thats a lovely drawing." she said with a smile on her face.

The Liar of the Wolf or An Insane House you decided

(London Forum)
Gedion Bane said:
~ As the stranger takes a step on to head to down the stairs, he heres a click , he heres a noise behind him , as he turns he sees a huge bag of sand tied to a rope heading toward him~

How do you use proper English in RP?

(Help Forum)
Edward Brollachan said:
A command of freshman (high school) English should be sufficient.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Arnauld Manor

(Neighborhood Forum)
Uriel Arnauld said:
*seeing Keinada* My love I slept quite nicely *hearing Ming* Ming darling vampire pregnancies are very advanced. They bypass humans by months, you see when a vampire is pregnant it only takes anywhere from a week to 2 weeks and once the child is born they can mature in a matter of days

Saturday, April 11, 2009

~Fine Dining with Table Service~ [CF]

(Neighborhood Forum)
Amatsu Mikaboshi said:
"Only the cheap sort of business..." Smirking at her, he leans in close to whisper the words. <br>
"Not to be rude, but you certainly appear cheaper, than even the wildest rumors had me believe..." Sighing in a bored fashion he sit back in his seat again. <br>
"So, lets hear it. How much is it an hour..."

Friday, April 10, 2009

Uriel and Keinada's House

(Neighborhood Forum)
Uriel Arnauld said:
*walking downstairs I see Kei at the door with a strange man* Hello sir


(Transylvania Forum)
Domingo said:
*putting the locket in my coat pocket. I disappear without a further word. knowing now that love, happiness and a family are not for me. Perhaps the peace I seek is not in this realm for now. I am called home for now... A silver-gray owl with dark gray markings takes flight over the woods of Imladris.*

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Blood Brew Tavern XII

(Neighborhood Forum)
Corvus Emperium said:
*i reach behind the bar and get my self a half glass of coke then fell it the rest of the way with rum then take a sip*

so what was wrong with the vodka sister

*i say then set dani on a stool*

Donnallan home in The Moy (CO Tyrone N Ireland)

(London Forum)
Maeve Donnallan said:
*Maeve finds a place to sit down.* "I think it's the candy store they managed to miss out on. I know if I was a kid, and knew I'd missed out on that one, I would be slightly annoyed as well. That I got to remember telling one of these days." *She leaned back with a smile and visibly began to relax a bit more.*

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Well armed maniacs

(New York Forum)
James Hollywood said:
Hollywood had been in similar situations as this one and was not about to get screwed. As simple and effective as the weapon was, it was painstakingly hard to come by when it came to the underground, or the "black markets". Usually, he would be screwed with something like a Mossberg, while not a horrible gun, it was certainly a much cheaper model and less durable when put under real stress. As it was, he had had this one, his baby, for a few months and it was already taking a beating. It still shot straight and never jammed, due to his ritualistic cleaning of the beautiful weapon.

No, Hollywood would not be giving up the 10 gauge if he could help it. Instead, he flicked a small lever which dropped the ten shells and their sheath from their connection on the side of the gun to the ground. In the same motion, he kicked them toward the stranger with the colt.

Next, he worked the slide, back and forth, pumping the weapon almost as if "masturbating" it, illustrating without a doubt that the gun was empty, the chamber was clear. A quick flick on the "safety" switch (long since disabled though the other man had no way of knowing that), and swung the weapon in it's combat harness over his shoulders in such a way that the strap crossed over one shoulder to travel beneath the other arm. It left the weapon all but inaccessible to him without actually disconnecting the snaps on the strap.

Cleared, on "safe, and almost impossible to use effectively. If that wasn't good enough, then the man could shoot him.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Shadric's Castle

(Los Angeles Forum)
Shadric said:
"Your parents, the warriors of legend, the Wolves of Death, my mother and father and you my only living relative left alive, but there was our sis, but she died." he said as he gloped down the rest of his drink, "Our blood is one in the same, well sort of," he said giving a chuckle, "But now i have found you and that all there is to it." he said as he walked over and rested his hands on his shoulders.

"And by the looks of it not a moment too soon, you sure have one messed up life you know that." he continued as he removed his hands and sat beside him.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Dragon and Lilly's House

(New Orleans Forum)
Dragon Shade said:
* I appear back in our bedroom, no worse for my efforts. I kiss you and get undressed * He really isn't strong enough to have that big a mouth. He'll be lucky if he lives a month with that mouth. But I kept my promise to you and didn't kill him, no matter how much I wanted to. * I get into bed and hug you * I'm sorry,love, but he had no reason to call me that. I never said a word to him

Dragon and Lilly's House

(New Orleans Forum)
Dragon Shade said:
* I roam around in a blind rage for a while, still not harming my family, but planning differentr ways to kill the little punk, then I see Lilly starting to cry. I go to her and gently hold her * I'm sorry,love. He had no right to call me that, but to show my love for you, I won't kill him. But I will fly to London and teach him some manners. That boy needs a good beating, and I'm going to give it to him * I kiss you gently * I'll be back very soon,love. I won't leave you alone for long * I kiss you again, then I turn and vanish *

Sunday, April 5, 2009

~*~ Return to the War Path - Central Park stained with blood ~*~

(Realm Forum)
Starlla Russo said:
Star shrugged as she turned around and leaned against a tree beside the fountain. <i>'Typical, I told him that if I said it I meant it. I told him that if those words came out of my mouth that they wouldn't be a lie and they aren't. </i>

Her eyes flashed with an aggressive frustration. She hated feeling like this. Star hated getting shoved on one side or the other of that thin tightrope that she walked everyday. The one that the drugs helped her balance on so well. This was pushing her though to the side of aggression. Suddenly, she looked up and her eyes scanned the treetops. Something wasn't right.

Friday, April 3, 2009

What to do now...

(Vampire Forum)
Dark River said:
"I can't really answer that, but I can help you through here and remain by your side til you're ready to go off on your own," said Dark. He place a hand on her shoulder.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Club Night. [Carli, Cassidy's and mary's club]

(Neighborhood Forum)
hidekie said:
*i walk over to brian whos sitting outside and i crouch down looking him in the eyes my violet gaze peircing him* "brian your wise and very smart but you needent be so reclusive man go hang with carli somtimes throwing your emotioons deep inside hurts others around you also"